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Happy Thanksgiving | Fall Wreath DIY

Fixing up a house is expensive and we try to save money wherever we can. One thing I love about having a house is the ability to have a different wreath for every season/holiday/event. Being the crafty person that I am, I decided not to buy any supplies, but instead work with what I had lying around.

So, here is my Dirt Cheap Fall Wreath DIY Tutorial:

Step 1: Build the wreath framework. I did this using newspaper and masking tape. Start by making a rough circle at the size you want your final wreath. Next, fold up additional newspaper pages into strips and coil those around the circle, taping the ends as you go so they stay in place, until you end up with a nice thick circular wreath frame.

This is the hardest part of the whole project. You want to squeeze and form the frame as you go until you get the shape you’re looking for, but make sure that you add enough layers to make it sturdy…otherwise it will droop over time and you’ll end up with an oval. I ended up using about 3 or 4 of the free pennysaver mini newspapers that come regularly in the mail.

Step 2: Wrap your wreath framework with something pretty. I had a long strip of fabric already cut, leftover from the edging for the quilt I did a few months ago, so I wrapped that around the wreath and taped it off at the end with more masking tape. I kept the exposed masking tape in one area so I could easily cover it up with my decorative elements.

Step 3: Add decorative elements. I had a container of bowl filler that I bought from Target a while back and some random pine cones. I didn’t have enough to completely fill the entire wreath, so I arranged them nicely along the bottom. I finished it off with some paper flowers I folded and never turned into earrings and some dried flowers from a Fall flower arrangement I bought last year. Each element I adhered in place with hot glue.

Step 4: Hang and enjoy!


TOTAL TIME: About 2 hours

Note: Due to the fact that the framework is made from newspaper I wouldn’t hang the wreath in a place where it will be directly exposed to the elements. Hang it on a porch with a roof or inside a storm door. Or…because it cost nothing you can always just let it do its thing and take it apart to reuse for something else afterwards.