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We’re Expecting

I’ve been a huge slacker lately about updating the blog with our recent progress…but I have a good excuse…

It's Twins - WRKDesigns

Once I can get some time to myself to get everything back in order I’ll update you on our Living Room, Sun Porch, and Kitchen progress.


Eat-In Kitchen Floor

I’m super excited about the potential of the eat-in kitchen since discovering that under the old floors (laminate wood, padding, linoleum, plywood, linoleum layer #2, and more plywood) there was real wood floors!

The final eat-in area will include built-in bench seating with table and a rebuilt wall with full-lite door (maybe another sliding glass door? or simple pocket door?) into sun porch.

Eat-In Kitchen Mockup - WRKDesigns

I won’t know for sure exactly what to do with the floor until after I get it patched up and sanded, but here are some ideas:

Eat-In Painted Floor Ideas - WRKDesigns

  1. Painted design over raw wood in similar color scheme. Source
  2. Fully painted floor with design in reverse color scheme (yellow on white). Source
  3. Stain on stain checkerboard in more subtle stain shades. Source
  4. White washed fully painted floor with hand painted simple design in similar color scheme. Source
  5. White painted design with full stain finish – This is my ideal direction, but if the floor looks too choppy after being patched up I’ll have to go another route. Source
  6. Simple white and grey (or similar color to final cabinet choice) checkerboard full painted floor. Source

So, I’ve got lots of options and I won’t actually make any progress on it for at least a few months (everything else needs to be finished/framed/drywalled before I can start on the floors). But I like to plan and play with ideas. =)

Sun Porch Progress

We removed the windows and doors that opened into the sun porch. The living room / sun porch area will now be connected with a sliding glass door. The eat-in kitchen / sun porch area will have a new wall built with a single door entry. This will allow full access all around and still keep an open and light filled feel.

Sun Porch Progress - WRKDesigns

When removing the old flooring in the eat-in kitchen area we discovered hardwood flooring! This was the highlight of my day. =) It’s in kindof rough shape, so we probably won’t be able to just sand and stain like the rest of the house. I think I’m going to just repair and paint it (more details to come), which should bring a nice cozy / rustic feel to the area.

Main House Remodel: Framing

The kitchen is gutted. Drywall has been removed. Floors ripped out. Doorways moved and opened up. New kitchen framework started.

It’s amazing what a huge difference just a few days makes!

Kitchen Remodel - WRKDesigns

Kitchen Demo

Even though I haven’t been keeping up on posts, we have been making a lot of progress around the house.

We’ve started our kitchen / living room / sunporch remodel project. Here’s the demo stages!

Kitchen Demo - WRKDesigns

Our First Christmas At The House

Happy Belated Holidays!

Our First Christmas

We’ve slowly been getting back into the swing of home repairs…and I’ve definitely been slacking on my updates. But, I first wanted to recap some of the highlights of our first Christmas spent in the house!

Our First Christmas 2

  1. Our Christmas tree and presents! As an advocate of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, I’m not a big fan of buying a ‘real’ tree. Instead I picked up a Nordic Pine indoor plant which we’ll be able to use for years to come!
  2. The newest addition to our household! Meet Ginger AKA “Slinky.” A very sweet little girl that Neil’s brother found abandoned out in the snow.
  3. Winter wreath. My handmade book page rosette wreath (that I started 2 years ago and finally found the time to finish) finished with a red ribbon saved from last year’s presents.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and look for more updates, demos, renovations, and news soon!

Just For Fun

WRKDesigns: Rainbow

View from the backyard after a rain storm.

The End of Our First Summer

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates on the house. Time seems to just fly by. It’s hard to take care of everything all the time.

But, here are some of things I worked on this summer…

2013 Yard

  1. Finally hung up the wire wrapped door numbers I made from scrap wire around the house. See the DIY Tutorial here.
  2. Got the garden growing nicely.
  3. Used the unused tiles (that originally were going to go into the in-law bathroom) as pavers around the raised beds. Neil said I could take the garden all the way back to the fence line, so I’ll have to thin out the pavers next year to get them all the way around.
  4. Put in the front walkway pavers. The slate tiles I used were all found around the property! Next year I’ll start the landscaping in the front.

I was very proud of my very first garden. I’m expanding it next year in order to get more yield and plant more varieties. But, check out some of the vegetables I got!

2013 Veggies

  1. Zucchini and bush beans (aka: green beans…pole beans/snap peas didn’t do so well, might not plant those next year).
  2. 2 huge zucchini and 1 cucumber on the left (ended up with about 8 huge zucchinis and 10 or so cucumbers total for the season)
  3. More bush beans and some celery (which I regrew from a store bought stalk)
  4. That’s a big zucchini! Definitely planting more of them next year so I can make some breads!

We also ended up with lots of tomatoes, cayenne peppers, herbs (rosemary, parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme, sage, marjoram), 1 bell pepper (that I will be picking in a few days), yellow squash, spaghetti squash, and lettuce.

The watermelon and pumpkin plants got eaten. The swiss chard, kale, and acorn squash didn’t grow (I had them in another part of the yard, so I’ll have to rethink their positions next year).

All in all I think we had a good summer. Hopefully I’ll have more interesting updates to share soon.

My Square Foot Garden

Since this is my first year having a vegetable garden, I did a lot of research in preparation. I discovered square foot gardening and companion planting.

Square Foot Gardening is basically a planting guideline that allows you to maximize the amount of plants you can put in a small amount of space. Depending on the variety, you can get 1 to 16 plants per square. For example: Tomatoes = 1 plant / sq ft area …Carrots = 16 plants / sq ft area….Watermelon = 1 plant / 2 sq ft area

I found it to be a very interesting concept and fit perfectly with my need for raised beds. I have shale dirt, which means that I dig about .5″ into the ground and hit rocks…not a very welcoming environment for vegetables.

So here is my 2013 Square Foot Garden Plan:

square foot gardening

I’m still learning how it works and I’m really hoping that having that many tomato and pepper plants together is okay. If not I’ll just have to spread them out next year.

Companion Planting: With sq ft gardening you end up with plants very close to each other, so it’s important to consider what plants are grouped together. Some plants get along great, others will die if planted next to a plant that is incompatible.

For example: Tomatoes and basil go great together because the basil helps to keep certain insects away. But tomatoes and corn shouldn’t be planted together because they attract the same type of worm, which could cause both plants to die. Tomatoes are helped by carrots, but tomatoes cause the carrots to grow short and stubby.

It’s a very interesting puzzle to figure out. I changed the layout of my plots about 20 times before I finally planted anything. I hope it works out!

More Yard Work

After just 2 weekends working in the yard, Neil and I are slightly sunburned and both have wonderfully attractive farmer tans.

more yard work

  1. The pile of wood left from both the old pool deck and the old front porch. Rather tiny in comparison to what the structures used to be.
  2. Stairs from the old pool deck. I’m planning on using this as a tiered self for potted plants in my vegetable garden area.
  3. First coat of paint went on the hand-me-down wicker couch our neighbor gave us in the Fall. I thought hand painting the first coat would help save cost on spray paint, but it fill in all the gaps as well as I was hoping, so I’ll just have to keep an eye out for deals on spray paint.
  4. Neil got a new toy for his birthday!
  5. My pile of grape vines waiting to be used. First project is going to be building a base around the sink bird bath.
  6. The Yard (as seen from back back looking towards the house) It’s coming along very nicely.